PedFast Technologies Product Support

Welcome to our Product Support Page.

PedFast Technologies™ has been the leader in Animal-Related Software for over 15 years of its 21-year existence.  Today, we sell the #1, #2, #3 and #5 best-selling products for dog breeders, the #1 best selling product for Cat Breeders, and have the best-looking pedigrees anywhere.

This page leads you where to go for Product support.  In order to receive product support, you must have a MyPedFast ID.  All people who have purchased anything from us since 2001 already have this ID.  If you are trying out the product, and have downloaded a trial from us, you also have one.

PedFast Technologies™ has begun to implement a new searchable FAQ database with answers to most frequently-asked questions.  As we build this up, it will be filled up with common support solutions as well. Click the link below to access the FAQ database:

PedFast Technologies FAQ Database

Browse Product Manuals

PedFast Technologies™ has a readable library of PDFs of our user manuals. Click the link below to access the manuals library:

PedFast Technologies Manuals Library


Open a Support Ticket

On February 9, 2013, the email inbox for our Product Suport department will close.  Starting now, you need to open a support ticket for all new support requests.

Support tickets require a MyPedFast login, which you already have if you have downloaded or purchased a product from us after 2001.  Click below to open a Support ticket:

PedFast Technologies Support Ticket Login

Click here if you forgot your MyPedFast password and need a reminder email.

Click here if you need another activation email for your login.

Click here if you need to create a myPedFast login.

If you wish to use email to open a support ticket, you may do so by sending email to:

All product support is an accommodation and is provided subject to the terms and conditions of this page and your software license agreement.

Please do not open multiple tickets for the same issue.  We may require pre-payment for a support issue before we perform work on said issue.  See our policies below.

Product Support Policies


On-line support:  Free.
(Tickets answered First-come, First-served).

Telephone Support:
Per Incident billing:  A Support incident is one problem report, handled from start to finish, regardless of the number of calls or emails required to handle the issue.

The first incident after you purchase is free.

After the first incident, each incident costs US$39.99, payable in avdvance by credit card.  All sales for support incidents are completely final.**


Ordering a CD-ROM:

Contact our sales number at:
800-746-9364 or
Press 1.

Getting Answers:

The most common problem that every support staff has is getting the needed information to decipher a problem and offer the correct solution. We need to be able to duplicate most problems on our own computers in order to offer any helpful information. This requires that you be prepared to give us complete and detailed information about what you are experiencing, so we can take it down and render assistance.

If you give us vague information, we will be delayed in answering you because we will have to ask numerous questions in order to determine how to best help you.

What to have Ready:

  • Your Control Number or Serial Number. We may not need it if you are listed on our computer, but have it ready just in case.
  • The number and all text from any error message. This includes the text in the center and on the title bar of any error message boxes.
  • Exactly what you did to get the error message(s), if any.  If there were no error messages, then exactly what you were doing.
  • The version number of your product.To locate the number, choose the help menu and then the About option from the help menu. We need all digits of the version number (example 3.10-P4 or 4.00.204).

Saving a Phone Call, FAX or Email

There are a couple of things you can do to avoid the hassle of Email, FAX or a phone call. These may get you past your problems quickly, perhaps instantly.

Try These things:

  • Search the Support Database to see if we've already answered your problem.
  • If you are getting an Access Violation, make sure to restart your computer and try again before calling support. Shut down your computer, and then turn it on again. Some Windows DLL libraries, and even some parts of Windows itself, can have problems if a program failure is not followed by a reboot.

* All free product support is offered solely as an accommodation, and our support policies may change at any time without notice, liability or obligation on our part. No product sale is contingent upon the provision of any level of product support. Nothing on this page may be construed to commit us to provide any level of product support at any time, and the text of your license agreement shall always control. We reserve the right to give first priority and attention to paying support customers.

** The fact that we may charge for a support incident does not mean that you are entitled to receive a response or an effective solution within a specific period of time, or that a solution is guaranteed. It simply means that we will use our best efforts to solve your problem, and will in good faith continue to work on a problem until it is solved, or it is evident that the problem cannot be solved. For your part, you agree to follow our instructions completely and accurately without objection.  The lack of a solution within a certain time frame is no grounds to refund the transaction. This is the normal practice within the software industry.

Support Sunsetting Schedule

We support our products for limited periods of time, then migrate some to prepaid support only, then stop supporting them.  Older programs rarely work properly with newer operating systems and computers.  This is a normal industry practice.

  • Product support sunset has occurred for The Breeder's Standard® 1.0 through 2009.  The Breeder's Standard 2012 is presently supported through June 1, 2019. Newer versions are fully supported.
    Limited pre-paid support at $59.99 per incident is available for TBS 2009 through SupportValet™ through December 31, 2019. TBS versions older than 2009 are no longer supported.  
  • Product support sunset has occurred for The Cattery's Standard™ 1.0 through 2009.  The Cattery's Standard 2013 is presently supported through June 1, 2019.
    Limited pre-paid support at $59.99 per incident is available for TCS 2009 through SupportValet™ through December 31, 2019. TCS versions older than 2009 are no longer supported.
  • Equestrian's Standard 2016 is fully supported.  Previous versions are no longer supported.

  • iPed 5G for Windows is supported through June 1, 2019. iPed 6G and 7G for Windows are supported.

  • Product Support Sunset has occurred for iPed 3G and 4G.
    Limited pre-paid support at $59.99 per incident is available for iPed 4G for Windows through SupportValet™. TCS versions older than 2005 are no longer supported.

  • Product Support Sunset has occurred for InstaPed 2000 through 2008.  No support is available.
  • Product Support Sunset has occurred for CompuPed 1.0 through 4.2.  All DOS CompuPed programs are no longer supported.
  • Product Support Sunset has occurred for All versions of CompuShow and EnterCat.  The EnterCat product may be re-launched in the future.  CompuShow special orders are supported as the agreement for the special order specifies.
  • NETigree II is supported, but older versions are no longer supported.  
  • The Scoop, Pedcasso and The Pedigree Power packs are all supported.
  • The Groomer's Helper 2000 is supported only on Windows XP and older OS, 32 bit only.
  • Equestrian's Standard 2000 is no longer supported.
  • CompuPed Millennium is supported only on Windows XP and older OS, 32 bit only.
Reaching Support

Contact Product Support the following ways:

  • On-Line support - this page, two options:
    1. Search for Answers in our Database
    2. Submit Support Ticket.
  • Phone:

    Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM Central Time.
    Outside USA:
    Press 2.

    Product support by telephone is limited to situations where the problem requires the support.  You must open a product support ticket prior to utilizing telephone contact.

  • FAX:

Product Patch Releases

Product patches may be downloaded free of charge from this web site.
For our integrated CD-ROM, the charge shall be $16.95. 

This charge shall not apply if the CD is sent as part of a paid support incident as described above.